Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Little Bit of Konad!

          Well, yesterday was a great day! I had an exam,which I think went really well. And then my Konad stuff came!! I don't have any pictures of the unboxing (technically the un-enveloping) but it was really exciting. I think there were fireworks are one point. And the experience with the vendor was very positive. Everything that I ordered was there and intact, and there was a cute little note on my invoice! It was like only two words, but whatever. A note is a note, and I appreciate it! So I definitely give two thumbs up, and will be ordering more Konad stuff from them in the future.
        But anyway, I took out all the stuff, put my phone on silent, closed my doors, (because this was serious business) and started playing. Five hours later, my nails were buck naked. I did not end my little session with a pretty konadicure. At all. But I still had fun and I made a design that I thought was nice....I didn't wear it because I didn't like the base color, but here it is:

It's supposed to be a little girl standing in a field of flowers. I was trying to go for a nice, spring-y type of thing. These came from the S9 plate. 

I took it off, but I think I'm getting a good start with my Konading. I still need to work with it and my timing as far as stamping goes. And maybe finding some good polishes to use with it would help.