Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nubar Opulent Pearl

This post is going to be about Opulent Pearl, one of the Nubars that I bought during the Saint Patrick's Day sale. It's clear-ish, so I decided to put two coats of Opulent Pearl over one coat of LA Girl Rock Star Heavy Metal to make sure that the flakies showed up. I wore this one a while ago, but I figured that I should post it now that I have Nfu-Oh 40 to compare it to. 

This is a close look at Nubar Opulent Pearl. Opulent Pearl is made of opalescent flakes in a milky base. On the nail, they show blue, green, orange, yellow, and the occasional purple.

Sunlight, no flash. 

Low natural light, no flash. 

Sunlight, no flash. I think this picture shows the flakes best. 

        All of these pictures are taken with two coats of La Girl Heavy Metal, one coat of Opulent Pearl, and one layer of Poshe. While I love the fact that this one does give rainbows, I'm mad at it too. Firstly, I think the flakes were a little too small. Some bigger ones would have been nice. And I'm not a fan of its base at all. 
        Opulent Pearl's base is just too milky. It washed out Heavy Metal, and removed much of the contrast between Heavy Metal and the flakes. Without that contrast, it looks really dull and a little messy. I wish that in this case, Nubar had taken a line from Nfu-Oh's book and went for a clear base.  If just that one thing were different, I'm sure I would have liked this. 
     I definitely took this mani right off after taking these pictures. And now I'm sad because this was my first experience with a Nubar, and it sucked butt! Hopefully, the others will be better. And I'll figure out what to do with Opulent Pearl. Maybe it looks better over light colors or on its own.