Monday, April 12, 2010

Fauxnads Are Here, Yay-ish!!

           Yes, fauxnads are here! I'm happy to see them, but I'm only partially in yay mode because damn son...this dude sent me the ugliest ones he possibly could have. smh!!

First, I got this one. What Ima even do with this?!

This one is okay. I like the doggy and the flowers are nice. 

And worst of all..he sent me the french tip plates. WHY LAWD WHY?! I don't even like french tips of any kind on myself. I think they're ooglay!! And all these tips are patterned. How you gonna give someone the tools to make every single kind of french tip EXCEPT for a normal one? Why does life have to treat me like this?!

The shining light in all of these is the Hello Kitty plate. It is mine! And I like the other patterns here too.

     These look kind of banged up, but that's only the plastic coating. Lol, when I opened the package, I was mad as hell at first. I really thought that I had gotten some used plates. And then I noticed the's really thin and doesn't hang over the edge at all, so it's easy to miss. Once I got that off, the plates were smooth and shiny. 
     Anyway, I'm happy with the service that I received. I placed the order on March 28th, it shipped on March 29th, and it just got here today. Not bad, to have come all the way from Hong Kong. As far as the plates that I received, I'm not so enthusiastic about that, but I can't even be mad at the seller. I only specified one plate, and he gave it to me. It was foolhardy for me to even leave the other plates up to chance, because I know that I'm God's favorite and most beloved joke.  
    I'm going to be purchasing from this seller again in the future, but next time, I will definitely make sure to pick some myself. I got them from lovezoe1314, on ebay.