Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Week Day 6: Brucci Chris's Green Belt

            Whoo coming down the home stretch here. Today, I'm wearing Brucci Chris's Green Belt. This was another one that my camera was not too friendly with, so these pictures are again manipulated to fit what I see on my nails. I think I need a new camera too...this one is heaving its last, dying breaths. 

Chris's Green Belt is a vibrant, rich shade of green with green shimmer. The color itself is hard to describe. It's basically emerald green but with a bit of blue.

Natural light, no flash. It was another overcast day. 

Natural light, no flash.

And for comparison purposes, here's the unretouched version.

     This is a beautiful green. I had doubts about showing it for Earth Week, because I've already shown two Bruccis, but when I saw this on the nail, my doubts disappeared. It's such a lush pretty green. And the little dose of blue keeps the color from being just another emerald green shimmer. 
   The formula was okay too. Dry time was fine, and application wasn't hard. It slid right on, and was perfectly opaque in two coats. I did three here because I was bored, though. However, I  have realized that I hate the Brucci's so damn skinny. The skinniness is good, because it means less clean up. But it's bad because it takes longer to cover each nail.

The tip for today is: Shut off the water when you aren't using it! What I mean is, when you're brushing your teeth, turn off the water while you scrub. When in the shower, turn off the water while you lather. Before going to bed or leaving home, quickly check the faucets for dripping water. And don't use the water at the highest possible pressure when you don't need to. Doing these simple things saves a tremendous amount of water from being wasted, which is important, because contrary to popular belief, water is NOT a renewable resource. If we don't use it wisely, eventually, there is not going to be enough water to go around. When this happens, life will suck butt. And animals all over the world will die. "Save some water for the fishes" is not completely a joke. Plus, nobody wants to use baby wipes to bathe themselves, sooo....let's shut off the water as often as possible, mkay?