Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nicole by OPI Dream Catcher

           Since yesterday was Saturday, and I was fully planning on procrastinating my way through life, I got a chance to swatch some polishes. I'm not going to post all of them (more on that later) but I did want to get this one up as it rounds out the last of my Nicole by OPI shades. The name of this lovely polish is Dream Catcher.

Dream Catcher is a pale tangerine jelly base, absolutely packed with silver shimmer.

Natural light, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash. The sun really warms up the shade.

     Dream Catcher is pretty much what I wanted Peach Sherbet to be. It's warm, sparkly, squishy, and very flattering. The formula was easy too. The only problem that I had with it was that it was so damn sheer. I don't even know who in their right mind makes something so sheer, and doesn't intend for it to be layered. This here is SIX coats. Yes, SIX coats. And it needed every last one of them too. I may end up re-swatching this, and if so, I'll wear it over a white instead of on its own. 

   And the reason why I'm not going to post most of my other swatches is because of my cuticles!!  Thanks to the macro function on my camera, I see now that my cuticles are a train wreck, severely in need of emergency assistance. Last week, they did not look like this....they were not the best cuticles ever, but they weren't this ugly, and I know exactly why. I ran out of my Beauty Secrets NPR, and my Mango Mend at the same time (last week). Since then, my cuticles have gotten uglier and uglier, no matter what I try. I look back at my cuticles in some of the pictures from before, and it makes me sniffle a little.
So I'm going to have to break my no buy and make the trek to Sally's to stock up on Beauty Secrets and Mango Mend. Or maybe they'll send me a coupon for free shipping and I can get it that way. Whichever. And I know it's bad...I shouldn't break my no buy. But this is a serious matter!
   Already, I've used cuticle remover in the corners (that's where most of the ugly is) and I've been applying plenty of oil to my hands all day. And my cuticles feel and look (IMO) a little better already. Hopefully, when I get everything I need, my ugly cuticles will soon be naught but a distant memory. ^_^