Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Milani Digital

           I don't have too much time today, so this one will be swift. I'm currently wearing Milani Digital, from the 3D Holographic Collection. I'm really proud of myself today because I applied my nail polish really neatly! All of these pictures were taken on the same day that I applied the polish, and before cleanup! ^____^

This is a close look at Digital. It's a holographic glitter in a slightly dusty rose-pink (although this picture looks more lilac-y) base. It has the same fish-scale thing going on that Hi-Res does. I think this picture shows more of the individual holographic scales/flakes, especially when it's enlarged.

Natural light, no flash. 

Sunlight, no flash. I think this picture is truest to color. 

Sunlight, no flash. Holo goodness!! ^_^

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash. 

    The formula for this was fine. It was just the same as Hi-Res. It dried smoothly, and matte, and I am anticipating an easy removal. Although I was putting off wearing this color because I didn't like it in the bottle, I'm glad that I finally tried it. In the bottle, it looks kind of blah. But on the nail, I found it really becoming and feminine. 
   And not related to this color, I'm really surprised at how much my nails have grown. I was just looking back at the post about Bling Dynasty, and I was really struck by the difference in length. I'm about halfway through my bottle of Barielle, so soon, I should be able to do an official comparison and then start on Duri. But I have noticed some staining on my nails. When I was pushing back my cuticles, I was horrified at how yellowed the exposed portion of my nail plate has become. I've started using peroxide so hopefully, that'll clear up. And in the future, I plan on putting another base coat on top of the Barielle, because it's obviously not protecting my nails so well. 
  And that's all for the moment!