Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NOTD: Puppy Love

           This design was inspired by the wonderful girls in my dorm, who fight with and scream at their boyfriends at all hours of the night. 

      I used the puppy and the flower design in the center from this fauxnad plate. I need to take some good stock photos of these plates for future reference.

This looked much better in my mind's eye. I promise.

Close up of accent nail. I almost used the little hysterical girl from my fauxnad B11 plate, but then I decided that I'd rather have a cute, silent doggy/whatever this thingy is instead.

     The base polish is three coats of Orly Iron Butterfly. I stamped the flowers with Sally Hansen Celeb City, and the puppy was created with Brucci Snow White. The little heart came from a packet of decals from Rite Aid. Like I said earlier, this looked so much better in my mind, and I really should have only stamped the flowers on my nail once, but it's cute enough to wear for today. 
     My real problem is that I couldn't find any polishes in my stash that would work with the plates and show up against Iron Butterfly. This is why I need some chromes and holos from China Glaze.  Or some real, actual Konad paints. ^_^; Anyway, I may try this again with more compatible colors and less flowers. 

    Also, in the course of doing this, I had to use a shiny topcoat over Iron Butterfly, so I snapped a few pics. I'm usually a big proponent of wearing mattes as mattes, but this one looks way too good shiny. It really brings out the color...when Iron Butterfly is matte, the shimmer makes it look dark grey at times. But with the topcoat, it maintains its blackness.

Natural light, no flash.

Natural light, no flash.

Natural light, soft flash. 

And that's all!