Monday, March 29, 2010

Konads and Fauxnads, Oh My...

          Okay, I know it's like 4 am and I need to be in bed because I have work at noon, but I am here instead because I am really excited, because I just got my very first konad stuff!! Eeeee! ^_^; I've been shying away from konad, because it seemed like lots of work to get all those gorgeous designs onto the nail, AND it seemed so expensive. And I'm very clumsy...I didn't think I could do it. I still don't actually. But I was watching videos on youtube about how to konad and it looked so easy and fun! And then I was thinking of all the upcoming holidays that I could celebrate by wearing beautiful and fitting konadicures. I didn't know if I wanted to do only fauxnad or only konad, but then I decided to just do both, because variety is the spice of life. So I started googling, and before I knew it, I was on paypal, pressing "confirm payment". 
           First, I bought a set of five fauxnad plates from an ebay seller for $7.99.  The seller randomizes the plates, so I'm not sure exactly which ones I will be getting, but I did specifically request the Hello Kitty plate because it is so cute! Knowing my luck, the seller won't send me that one, but I'm still going to hope for the best.
        And then I bought some supplies from I've heard great things about this vendor, plus I wanted to buy from there because it seems more....homey? Idk. Anyway, I bought a plastic scraper (I've seen what those metal ones can do, and I don't have the heart for it), a stamper/scraper set (only because they came together), and plates S09, M20, M66, and M57. I used the coupon code konaddict, and got all those nice things for $24.81. 

Plate S09. The kimono girl is too damn cute. And I love the oriental-looking flowers.

Plate M57, with some designs created by it.

Plate M66, with some designs created by it. I love this one, and I think I'm anticipating it the most. The detail is fabulous and I think it's really unique in that the patterns form a complete picture by themselves, unlike the other plates.

Plate M20, with some designs created by it. I bought this one just for the butterfly and snowflake (flower?).
(I got all these pictures from, please nobody sue me)

     I didn't buy any special polishes because I'm too cheap. But I did find a list of other polishes that work with Konad, and lucky for me, I have some of them already! Plus, Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear is very cheap at Walgreens, and is supposed to work quite nicely with the Konads. So I'm not worried about polish.
    What I am worried about is my own spastic self. What if I can't konad? Lmao!! That would totally be me....the one person in the world who can't konad. smh. Well, it's time for bed, so off I go. I'm just going to pray that when this stuff gets here, Jesus guides my hand and helps me not to make a big old mess out of it all. 
Also I need to sit my behind down and put away my visa card. I'm kind of horrified at how much money I've spent on nail polish just in the past few months. With that money, I'm sure I could have bought two water buffaloes for a starving family in some African nation. I'm going to run to Walgreens on my next payday and pick up some Sally Hansens to use with the konad. Until then, and after that, I'm officially going on a no-buy until June. Someone's going to need to pray for me. (x_x)