Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nicole by OPI Drama In The Dark

  is Saturday....the sun is shining...a breeze is blowing...spring is in the air...Nfu-Ohs are at the package depot waiting for me to pick them up....and I am wearing black nail polish. And it feels so gewd. This is another polish that I got from TJ Maxx, in a two for $6.99 deal. It's called Drama in the Dark, and while it doesn't quite live up to its name (no drama here), it is a lovely color.

Drama in the Dark is a grey-blue shimmer in a black creme base. The shimmer is very subtle, and although I see it in every light, I'm sure that most people looking at my nails wouldn't notice it. 

Sunlight, no flash. I know I'm not holding anything, but I couldn't do it with that damn bottle. Whose idea what that?!

Sunlight, no flash.

Natural light, no flash.

Shade, no flash.

Artificial light, flash.

     While I don't find this color particularly special, I do love it. The shimmer is fantastic and makes its presence known just enough to ensure that the polish doesn't look like a basic black color. It's not entirely noticeable, like the shimmer in LA Girls Heavy Metal is. 
    The formula on this was fine as well. All of these are three coats of color with one layer of Poshe. So while it isn't super-pigmented, I'm still happy with how deep, rich, and smooth the color came out to be in the end. No off-black here.
   I think that's all I have to say about this color, so I'm going to go and do the giant list of stuff staring me in the face at the moment. I hope everyone's weekends have gotten off to a great start!