Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Orly Iron Butterfly

           First, I need to have a moment of silence for my right thumbnail. I don't know what happened to it...one minute, I was quietly sitting at my file cabinet sorting mail (because my office is too cheap to give interns tables). Next thing I knew, my fingernail was torn and snagging on everything. I don't remember doing anything to it...it was fine and then it wasn't anymore. I put a piece of tape over it and prayed to the patron saint of fingernails that everything would be alright. Of course, when I got home, it totally wasn't. I had to cut it off, and then file it down to the quick to get rid of little cracks that had kind of...radiated inward. It was like filing my own heart out. 
So a moment of silence, I beg.  ;_;

Sank you very much.

       Hokay, so after filing, I tried to cheer myself up with some decals. I ended up taking it way way way too far and ending up with a flowery, rhinestone-y, glittery monstrosity. I couldn't walk around like that, so I had to take the whole shebang off. By then, it was like midnight, and I was too tired. I decided to throw a nice matte on and go to sleep, which is how I ended up wearing Orly Iron Butterfly today. 

Close look at Iron Butterfly. It's a charcoal black base with lots of silver shimmer in a matte finish. 

Natural light, no flash.

Natural light, no flash.

        I like this one. It's not super pretty or eye-catching, but it's easy and I think it looks good on me. The formula was good for a matte...it didn't dry ridiculously fast or anything, and was easy to control and spread. There was no shrinkage at the tip or crackling either. In these pictures, I have on two coats, with no topcoat of any kind. 
       The weather today is pretty rainy and dismal, so this color was a good choice for me to make. It's not reflective of my mood, because I adore the rain and am in pretty high spirits today despite my loss, but it works well with the current weather. It probably won't see much use in the summer, but I'd wear this more in the fall and definitely in the winter.