Thursday, April 8, 2010

Milani 3D

           Today, I'm wearing Milani 3D, the namesake of the of the 3D Holographic Collection.  Looking at this polish on my nails, it's ironic that this would be the one that they name it after. Here are my pitchas:

Close look at 3D. It's the same deal as the other two guys: tiny holographic scales/flakes in a colored base. In this case, the base is a nice gold. I don't know the difference between warm and cool gold, so I'll just leave it at gold. lmao!

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

Shade, no flash.

This was the most holographic I could get this to look. Shade, with flash.

     The bad news is that I feel like this polish barely qualifies as holographic. There are particles that change color in the light, true, but this definitely pales in comparison to Hi-Res and Digital. No smooth holo at all, and barely any scattered. It was really disappointing. And it's why I thought it was ironic that they would name the collection after what I'm thinking has to be the least holographic polish in the bunch. 
   But 3D's saving grace is that it is a really lovely gold, and the particles add some nice interest. Additionally, the formula was easy, and the color was not hard to build up. All of these are three coats of color, with one layer of Poshe. I'll enjoy wearing this in the summer, especially when I get more color to my skin. I love gold with sun-darkened skin. But I'm still mad because I paid for a pretty gold holographic nail polish...not just a pretty gold one. So boo, Milani! 
  My final thoughts on this collection (or the part of it that I own) is that it is nice. 3D brings it down for me, but Digital and Hi-Res are beautiful colors and pick up the slack. If I was going to put them in order, from most loved to least, I'd say Hi-Res, Digital, and then 3D. Which funnily enough, was the order that they got posted in.