Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stash Pictures + Konad!

           In order to procrastinate on my homework, I decided to take some pictures of my stash! It's a baby one, compared to some people's, but I am a college student...I ain't big ballin like that. Besides, I love my baby stash...it's like my little family. And I think it'd be fun to look back on these years down the road, when I'm fifty years old, with a bunch of cats and nail polish. Also, I have a couple of konad pictures too. So stash first, then konads.
Also, wtf man....why did blogger change their picture thingy? At least you can add more than one picture at a time now.

These are all my untried nail polishes. A few of these, I've actually worn already, but I don't like the pictures of them that I have, so I need to take them again.

These are the ones that I've worn and photographed to my satisfaction. I'm going to get a real basket for these someday. The Borghese Hydrati treatment, Seche Ridge Filing Base and Orly Bonder snuck into the picture though.

Here is where I keep my black and white nail polishes. Not many here. 

Here are all my topcoats and basecoats.

And here are some untrieds that I couldn't fit into my basket, along with my matte top coats. 

     At some point in the future, I'd like to find some real storage for these. Like a cabinet or rack. The baskets are okay, but I'm quickly running out of space, especially as I make a dent in my untried polishes.

And now for Konad pictures.

This is actually from my fauxnad hello kitty plate. The base is Brucci Chris's Green Belt, and the pattern is stamped on with Wet n Wild Sterling Silver. The rhinestone decal in the center came from Rite Aid. And the lighting is weird because it was dark, so I used my bootleg studio lighting. I made it by taking an old lamp and covering the opening with a T-shirt and some tissue paper. It would have worked, but the lamp makes yellow light, instead of white. So that was that. But interestingly, the yellow light gave me a more accurate picture of Chris's Green Belt. I didn't manipulate this image at all; the color is how the camera captured it. 

This was made with Konad plate M66. I used the butterfly and flower patterns. Sorry for the lack of diagram. But anyway, the base is Scherer Blue Sky and the pattern is stamped with Sally Hansen White On. This is in natural light, no flash.

And a closer look. I don't like this one though..maybe I should have done it in black. And the pattern is a little effed up. But that's okay.

    And that's all the rambling randomosity I have for today. *drags self off to do homework*