Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LA Girl Rock Star Addict

           After seven days of blue and green, I wanted to wear something that was not related remotely to any of those colors. So I rolled on over to the opposite end of the color wheel and selected Addict, from LA Girl's Rock Star Collection.

Addict is a deep wine-colored jelly base with a ton of gold, multi-sized shimmer. This picture was taken during a rare snatch of sunlight.

Natural light, no flash.

Natural light, no flash.

Shaded natural light, no flash.

Indoors, no flash.

      Addict is fantastic. And I don't normally say that about reds, because I don't really like them. But this one, I like. The size of the shimmer varies from specks to flakes, and some of them are submerged in the jelly, so they look more red than gold. And the base is gorgeous...jelly, vampy goodness. I probably won't be wearing Addict this summer, but I'll probably wear it out and about during fall. It's a perfect shade for that season.
   The formula was problem free. No drag, no streaking, no nothing. Just flowed on like buttah. The pictures feature four coats, with one coat of Poshe, but it was fine in three coats. I put on four because I felt like it. 
 Although I have four Rock Stars besides this one, I still need two more: Groupie and Punk. 
 And I have to take out time to put up my other Rock Stars. Maybe I'll have Rock Star week next. I'd prefer to swatch them, because I've worn them all already, but I don't have time for swatches with packing and finals and everything going on at the moment.