Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NOTD: Milani Digital + Konad

           Technically, this should be NOTPFD (Nail of the Past Two Days) because that's how long I've been wearing this mani. It's Milani Digital, stamped with one of the designs from Konad plate M20, and then I put some rhinestone decals on it to finish up. I'm about to remove it, but before I do, I wanted to post some pictures to remember it by.

This is the plate and pattern (circled) that I used.

And this was my inspiration image. The end result wasn't like that, but it was what gave me the idea to do this particular design. 

This is how all my nails were supposed to look. I double-stamped the flowers onto the middle of my nail with Wet n Wild Black Creme. I tried to use Brucci Plain Black at first. It showed up, but was way too light. The Wet n Wild worked so much better. And please excuse the bald spot at the tip of my was the acetone. 

Sadly, the rest of my nails didn't come out as planned. I was trying to just get it done, so I ended up with more of a random floral pattern. And on my pinky, I got barely any pattern at all. Smh!

After I was done with that, I got bored. I had some rhinestone decals (I swear, I had them already!) so I decided to use those in the center of the flowers. There are some flowers that don't have rhinestone centers, but I needed to conserve, so I only put two stones on each finger.

I think this one shows the end result best. It's in sunlight, no flash.

This was just to show the holo effect.

     I sealed the whole thing over with two coats of Poshe, and that was the end of it! 
     Although I'm not fully happy with the stamping job that I did, it was nice enough to wear out. I figured that from a distance, no one would notice. And I was right! I actually got lots of compliments on this mani, especially when the holo-ness would come out. A girl in my class even accused me of wearing fake nails...she didn't believe that they were mine until she practically had her nose pressed against them. See boys and girls...that's what we call a certified hater. smh!
   Anywho, I'm probably going to keep this one in my back pocket to use again, once my konad skills are more honed and I can get the flowers on to my satisfaction. 
And that's all for today! ^_^