Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nubar Peach Sherbet

           After a few days of walking in the darkness, I was ready to come into the light. So I reached for Nubar Peach Sherbet, since it looked really promising in the bottle. A pretty, apricotty shimmer with plenty of sparkle...the perfect thing for a sunny spring day. Right? Haaa, wrong!

Peach Sherbet up close. It's a ton of gold shimmer in a pale, bronzed-peach base.

And you can't see it in the first picture, but please peep the shrinkage at the tip. And this was after I had worn it for about...six hours. 

I was holding the essie because I couldn't hold the Nubar bottle without having light reflecting off my nails at crazy angles. But it's there in the corner, like that creepy cousin who always stands off to the side in the family reunion pictures, staring doom into the camera. Anyway, this is sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

With one coat of Essie Matte About You. Sunlight, no flash.

     I reallyyy do not like this color. I was hoping for a shimmery, peachy, glittery confection and instead I got a hot ass mess. Looking at the pictures now, it doesn't look that bad, but when I was wearing it, I would stare at it and think "Yuck". Instead of looking sweet and warm, Peach Sherbet came out looking frosty and metallic. Frosty and metallic is okay some of the time, but with this color...I don't know. I just didn't like it. And it looked really...rough. I used topcoat, but it just looked broke down. Bleh. It does look much better in its matte incarnation, though. 
     On the positive side, the formula was nice. It was sheer, but not as bad as some. These pictures are all with four coats. And removal is easy.
    Wanna know how I know?
     Kay, it's because I took this off right after my last morning class. I have a three hour break in between my morning and afternoon classes today, and I used some of that time to change my polish, because I couldn't take it anymore.
Why you trying to play me, Nubar?! T__T