Sunday, May 2, 2010

Revlon Peach Smoothie

            Today, I'm wearing Revlon Peach Smoothie, from the Scents of Summer Collection. I'd like to get these documented and out of the way, so I plan on wearing all the ones that I own consecutively. I decided to start with Peach Smoothie, because I was really curious about what it looked like on the nail, and because it's a nude, which I wouldn't be caught dead in unless there was no other choice. Today is Sunday, and I'm staying in all day to study and pack, so no one will ever know. No offense to nude lovers, but man....I don't like most nudes. Naked Ambition was cool beans though. Okay, enough rambling.

Peach Shimmer is a pale peach creme, with subtle gold micro-shimmer. The color here isn't accurate...this is too dark. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash. This picture is more true to color, in my opinion. In the bottle, it was a pretty even-keel peach...equal parts white, orange, and pink. But on me, it starts to tilt just a little more to the pink side, which I don't mind.

Natural light, no flash. The lack of sun really washes it out.

Sunlight, no flash. This shows more of the sparkle.

This is what made me so excited to wear this. At the top of the bottle, there's lots of shimmer, and then in the bottom, there are all these little iridescent flakes. They don't show up so well on the nail though.

       Peach Smoothie is an okay color. It's not ugly, but it is very...middle of the road. There's nothing very special about it, except for the fact that it smells like peaches. The smell itself is pretty good! Of course, it's going to smell artificial (it's nail polish), but it lasts a long time, and is recognizable as peach.
      But while the color is nice, the application was sad. It was fairly opaque in two coats, but it went on streaky and gross. Some of my nails have three coats, and some have four, just because I was trying to get the finish even and smooth. The topcoat helped smooth it out alot, but when I look at my right hand, there are still spots where brushstrokes and bald spots are visible. No bueno.
    So while I like Peach Smoothie, and think that it may come in handy for situations when I can't have fun with my nails, I'm glad that I didn't have to trouble myself to get it. My Walgreens is in easy walking distance from my school, and it's right on my way to work, so it was easy to get this. If I had to get on the bus or train to get to the Walgreens, I would have been too mad. Because Peach Smoothie is nice, but in all honesty, it's not really worth the fare or the trouble.