Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NOTD: Revlon Bubble Gum + Fauxnad

       I'm not wearing Grape Icy today, like I originally planned. I had two finals scheduled for today, so I opted to jazz up Bubble Gum instead of trying to put on an entire new color. 

I used the necklace-like pattern on the M30 fauxnad plate. This one came from Hong Kong.

I stamped on the pattern with Brucci TJ's Blue Suede Shoes, and then I added a pale pink rhinestone to each nail, to hide the fact that some of the flowers looked more like little blobs. I really love the combination of navy blue and hot pink. It's a fun twist on the old pink and blue color pair.
 Sorry for the bubble and the busted spot near the gem. My Poshe is starting to thicken up and act a fool. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash. This picture is truest to color, in regards to Bubble Gum.

      Lol, some of the patterns are crooked (especially the pinky, which is completely doing its own thing), but I've accepted the fact that I will probably never position a Konad pattern straight on my nail. And despite the crookedness, I've gotten a few compliments on this look already. I almost don't want to take it off, but due to my nail ADD, it'll be gone by tonight. 
     That's all for today, so I'm going to go study for my other final today. I can't wait for this week to be ovah. :(