Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Revlon Grape Icy

           Welll, today marks the end of the era of scented nail polish. Today, I'm wearing Grape Icy, the last of my polishes from Revlon's Scents of Summer Collection. I think I'm really gonna miss discreetly trying to sniff my nails in public.
Grape Icy is a shimmery, vibrant, light, red-based shade of purple. It fairly glows. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash. This is truest to color. 

Natural light, no flash. 

Indoors with flash. The base color is too deep here, but I like how this one highlights the shimmer, so I'm putting it in.

       Colorwise, Grape Icy is my favorite of the collection. I like that they didn't decide to go with that boring blue-based, mid-range purple that most people think of when they hear grape. And the purple itself is pretty. I can't really describe it very well's glowy and bright. I guess I'd describe it as fuschia's purple cousin. LOL. 
     The application of this was the easiest out of the three, too. It went on smoothly, and I had no trouble with brushstrokes or anything. The only flaw with this polish is that it is watery. It's really watery. The pictures are with five coats, and my nails haven't gotten that thickened look that comes when you put on too much polish. They look like I've only put on my usual three coats, which is actually good. But it does speak to how thin this polish is. Even though that's weird, it won't deter my from wearing this color in the future. I'll just put it over a white base. 
  And of course, I have to comment on the scent. Just like the other two, Grape Icy's scent is pretty long-lived. Unfortunately, it's not quite as recognizable as grape, as the others are of their respective scents. Like, if someone held this up to my nose and asked me what it was, I would know that it was sweet and nice. But I probably wouldn't be like...OH IT'S GRAPE. But that said, like the polish, the scent is pretty thin. But a good thin. It's the thin grape scent of Kool-Aid and Marino Italian Ices, which were both staples of my childhood summers. So I like the scent.
   Overall, I'm happy with the polishes that I have from this collection. They're all pretty, wearable colors, even if they aren't so flashy. And two of them actually do remind me of summer, when I was a kid. And those were the best summers ever. LOL.