Monday, May 3, 2010

More Fauxnads!!

           lol, yes...I ordered more fauxnads. I can't help it...I like to have options. ^_^
           This set came from Hawaii, and I got it from the ebay seller BundleMonster. Ebay has since yanked the listing, but they can still be found on Amazon, here. It's a good deal, $17.99 for 21 plates, and even though I haven't tried them, the quality appears to be higher than the other fauxnads that I've bought from Hong Kong. And by that, I mean that the patterns appear crisper, and the plates feel a little sturdier too. Not as sturdy as legit Konad, nor as crisp. But still. 

These are some of the full nail designs. I'm an overjoyed camper, because I love them all! Especially the houndstooth! I like full nail designs because they give maximum impact with minimal work, provided that there's no double stamping needed to cover the nail.

I got an extra BM04 plate. I don't know if that was an accident or what.

Some more bigger patterns.

The dreaded french tip plates. I do like the patterns on BM17 though.

Look at the peacock!!

    When I opened this package up, my face was like the Kool Aid man's. I was so happy! lol! The shipping time was almost scary fast too. I guess they knew the popo was coming to shut them down. I ordered around 3 am on the 29th, after a long and hard deliberation. They shipped it the same day, and it arrived today. I'm really happy with the service that I received, so I'm sad that I can't leave feedback about it on ebay.
   I also won't be buying any more fauxnads for a long time. I have more than enough to play with at the moment. Instead, I have to figure out how in the world I'm going to store these things, because these did not come individually wrapped either. I'm not upset about that because heyy, less plastic being used. But now I have to find some kind of...wallet or mini-disc book that will hold all my plates and protect them from scratches or from being bent. Hm.