Friday, May 28, 2010

China Glaze Cosmic

            Cosmic is another one of my previously forgotten China Glaze specialty glitters.I put it on for today because it's my mommy's birthday and I wanted to be festive.  But the best laid plans and all that jazz. 

Cosmic is a black creme base, densely packed with multi-sized silver and holographic hex glitter. There's more silver than holo, I think. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

       Cosmic is loud. It is loud and in your face. And it gets in the faces of all the people who are around you too. Normally, this would be fantastic, because few things are better than exorbitant amounts of glitter, but Cosmic takes it too too far. There is just too much glitter here. Yeah, I said it. There's too much. If the glitter was finer, or if it were sparser, I'd like this more. But that said, part of it is my fault, because I did wipe down my nail with a bit of acetone. Before I did, there was barely any sparkle at all, because the glitter was trapped under the base. Normally, a little acetone fixes that and makes the polish looks better, but not this time. :(
     The formula for Cosmic was not so pleasant either. It was pretty gloopy and thick, so application wasn't the smoothest. On the upside, it was opaque in two coats. But back to the downside, the glitter here is really gritty. In these pictures, I used three coats of Out the Door Top Coat, and I could still feel the glitter through it. The mani looked rough too. Granted, OtD is not the thickest TC available, but I used thick coats. I just think it shouldn't have felt or looked as lumpy as it did. 
    Overall, I think that Cosmic was a good idea that just wasn't executed in the best way. I'm going to take it off and find something else to do with my nails, because Cosmic took a flying leap over the line of festive and has entered obnoxious territory. Her party isn't until later tonight, so I have time. Hopefully, my next idea will be better. 

   I decided that I wasn't being entirely fair to Cosmic, because I didn't show pictures of it before I wiped it with acetone. With Meteor Shower, that was okay, because it looked better. But since Cosmic got uglier afterwards, I should have shown a picture from before. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Cosmic does look better here, but I still think it's ooglay. lol!