Thursday, May 6, 2010

Milani Dot Com

           I've been dying of curiosity since I bought Milani Dot Com, so I finally gave in this afternoon and tried it out. Depending on what happens this evening (I'm meeting with my study group, and sometimes, we're there until 2am x_x), I may be wearing this tomorrow too. But just in case, I thought I'd take my pictures and post these now, while there's still natural light. 

Dot Com is a greyed-out, red-based purple with lots of gold multi-sized shimmer. I think there's even a little bit of a bronze duochrome thing going on, although that could be my imagination. It's a very unique color. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

Shaded sunlight, no flash. This is the bronze thing I was talking about. It's happening in the bottle too. o_o

Natural light, no flash.

      Milani makes me laughh, because Dot Com is pretty much Totally Cool's great-grandfather. They look very different from one another...Dot Com is greyer, darker, jelly-less,  and duochrome-less (kind of). But there's definitely a family resemblance between the two. I get it though...Totally Cool generally got good reviews, so why fix what's not broken? Luckily for me, I loved Totally Cool. And I love Dot Com too! It's not what I thought it'd be...the only time I think it really looks metallic is when the shimmer flashes. Besides that, it just looks like a beautiful purple polish with gold flecks. I was expecting more of a purple foil with gold shimmer, but I'm fine with what I have here. lol!
     The formula was good. It went on smoothly. There was no dragging or streaking, and it was fully opaque in three coats. The pictures are with three coats, and one layer of Poshe.