Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Revlon Grape Icy + Fauxnad

        This is so bad...I have like a million things to do today, but I decided to play with my nails instead. Smh!!

I used BM11, one of the plates that just arrived from Hawaii. The circled pattern is the one that I stamped with.

Natural light, no flash.
The sun was gone by the time I took this. But anyway, Revlon's Grape Icy was the base, and I stamped on the pattern with Color Club Groove Thang. 

Natural light, no flash. 
I did this by cutting a piece of scotch tape into half, and then putting it diagonally over the center of the nail. I stamped the pattern at the cuticle, and the again at the tip, letting it overlap the tape. After a minute, I removed the tape and this is what I got. I was hoping to get more pattern on the nail, but this is okay too.

Indoors, with flash.

The fauxnad plate laid the smackdown on me. :(

     Even though my nails didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped, I still like them. The overall effect is simple and subtle, which is what I was going for. The only sad thing is that even with tape guards, the patterns are still crooked and uneven. LMAO.