Wednesday, May 19, 2010

L.A. Colors Nuclear Energy (And some Nfu-Oh)

           Today, I'm wearing Nuclear Energy from L.A. Colors. It's a bright and cheerful color, which is exactly what I needed after breaking another nail this morning. *sucks teef*

Nuclear Energy is a darkish, red-based, purple jelly. The first time I looked at this on my nails, I immediately wanted a green Konad polish, so I could do a Barney-inspired mani. Nuclear Energy is the color of his flesh, but I think the color in this pic is slightly off.

Kind of sunlight, no flash. 
We got a little bit of sun, but it was pretty watery and thin, so I don't know if I can count it all the way as sunlight.

Kind of sunlight, no flash. 

Natural light, with flash. 

    Nuclear Energy is another simple, inexpensive, and pretty color. I bought it thinking that it would be creme, but was pleasantly surprised to see that it was in fact, a jelly. Jelly polish is so cute...I always feel like squishing it.
     The formula was....a little iffy? It spread easily and dried in good time, but it was also quite watery. I know that translucence is par for the course with jellies, but Nuclear Energy took it too far. smh. The pictures are with four thick coats, and even though I can't see it on my nails with my eyes, the pictures still show my tips. In the future, I'll be wearing this over white, because I generally like to draw my line at three coats, unless the polish is so spectacular that it warrants the extra work. While Nuclear Energy is nice, it isn't spectacular, so I'll be taking the lazy man's way out from here on out. However, it did dry super glossy and didn't even need topcoat. I put on some anyway out of principle. 
   Overall, I'm happy with Nuclear Energy. This is my very first time ever trying a L.A. Colors polish (I never see it in stores), so I'm happy that my experience was positive with them. I hate trying a brand for the first time and having it be awful. *looks at Nubar*

I added one coat of Nfu-Oh 51 to Nuclear Energy.

The sun suddenly came out. o_O
Sunlight, no flash. 

Natural light, no flash. Sorry about all the glare. >_<

Natural light, no flash.

    I like this! The shimmer and color-changing flakies are so pretty!