Thursday, May 27, 2010

China Glaze Meteor Shower

            Yesterday, I was rearranging my stash and making sure that all my untrieds were actually untried when I ran upon a little cluster of China Glaze glitters in a forgotten corner of the bin. I had to laugh at myself, because the China Glaze specialty glitters were one of the very first polishes I ever bought. Milani Ruby Jewels was the first (boring, I know), OPI Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice were the second and third respectively, and then I got the China Glaze glitters next from VNS. That was four months ago, and it's really sad that in all that time, the only one I've worn is Atlantis. I felt so bad that I decided to wear Meteor Shower for today, although if I had remembered to check the weather, I might have continued my neglect a little longer. Today is rainy, cloudy, and cold...perfect weather for me, but not so perfect for showcasing glitter. Bleh.

Meteor Shower is multi-colored square and hex glitter in a midnight blue creme base. There's way more square glitter than hex, and the colors that I can see are blue, green, and orange/copper. 

Natural light, no flash.

Natural light, with a gentle flash.

Natural light, no flash.

ETA (5/28):
Sunlight, no flash. It's bright and sunny this morning, so I took some quick pictures before removing Meteor Shower

Sunlight, no flash.
Blurred to show the sparklies.

     Even though it doesn't come across in the pictures, Meteor Shower is pretty and sparkleh. When I turn my fingers, all the different colors of the glitter wink at me from the inky base, and it's so nice to look at. I think it would have looked more like an actual meteor shower if the glitter was gold and holo, but there's nothing wrong with it the way it is. That said, Meteor Shower did require an extra step to reach its full potential. It is one of those glitter polishes where the glitter is a little too heavy and ends up just submerged in the base, so that you can see there is glitter in the polish, but the glitter can't sparkle and shine. To fix that, I let the polish dry to the touch, and then I used a bit of napkin dipped in acetone to gently swipe each nail, thus liberating the surface glitter. I didn't take before and afters, but it really made a big difference. To finish, I put on two layers of topcoat, which really enhanced the sparkle and smoothed out the grittiness of the glitter. 
    The formula of Meteor Shower was okay. All pictures are with two coats of color and two layers of topcoat, and application was trauma free. 

    Also, I very shamefully broke my no buy today. I'm so sad to say it, but damn son...I'm weak. See what had happened was, I was in Walgreens getting pizza rolls and nail polish remover, when I walked by the Sinful Colors display. I wasn't going to stop because I was just looking for Hidden Treasure, but I noticed a little display on the floor. So I went over, and it was the St. Patrick's Day display that I thought I would never see in my lifetime, chock full of Green Oceans. I've been hunting Green Ocean since March, so I didn't even think about it before snatching up two bottles and marching to the register.  While I was waiting in line, a little voice in my heart was telling me to put it back, but I just couldn't bring my body to do it. I felt good right after I paid, but the shame hit me hard while I was walking home, tenderly stroking the bottles in my purse.  I'm not so so mad at myself though, because they were cheap and there was no guarantee that they'd be there in August.  Besides, tomorrow is another day.   But I wonder...has anyone ever successfully completed a no-buy? If so, how in the heck did you do it?! Tell me....tell me the secretss....