Saturday, May 1, 2010

China Glaze Atlantis + Konad (Last Time, I Promise)

           Before I talk some MORE about Atlantis, I just wanted to spread the word about Nubar's Mother's Day Sale. I just got the email about it, and they are offering 20% off on orders of $30 or more. And of course, if you get up to $75 dollars worth of goodies after discounts, you get free shipping! I know I said no more haulage, but I may take them up on this offer. Mother's Day is coming, and Momma Chaos needs a gift. Watashi mo. I won't be buying up to $75 dollars worth of stuff, but I would like to try out the 10th Anniversary color, very creatively named Nubar 2010. I'm just going to pray that it's not the exact same thing as Opulent Pearl, because I'd be mad as hell!
            Anywho, I ended up konading over my matte Atlantis. Anything to avoid studying. I used the big cat print pattern on Konad plate M57. I like that pattern. I know people think it's tacky, but bleh upon them.

That one.

Natural light, no flash.

Natural light, no flash.

Indoors, with flash.

    I put another coat of Matte About You to act as a buffer in case of emergency, and then I used Wet n Wild Black Creme to stamp on the pattern. I didn't put on a topcoat, because I liked how the spots were shiny and the background was matte. It's not visible in the pictures, but it does lend a 3-D(ish) look to the mani. But the only sad thing was that by the time I got back here to post this, almost all the spots had rubbed off. Apparently, the topcoat is necessary to keep them on. Who would have thought it? 
   And even though I really did think it would be ugly, I like this. It's quite busy, with the glitter and the pattern and the matteness and the shininess, but something about it reminds me of sea turtles. I'm not sure why, because the pattern is not really like what turtles have on their backs. But it does, and I love sea turtles, so I love this too.