Monday, May 31, 2010

Length Check!

           Happy Memorial Day to everyone! I haven't been blogging this weekend because one of my best friends (we call each other twin) graduated from my old high school, and I had to head to Connecticut to be there for her. I had a good time, except for that I busted ANOTHER nail and wasn't at home, so I couldn't save it. This time, it was the middle finger of my left hand. I'm thinking about if I want to put a fake nail on it, or just leave it alone.
            But that's not the point of this post. The point is that I finally finished my bottle of Barielle Growth Activator for Natural Nails, and I have opinions and comparison pictures. The pictures are from Friday, so they don't reflect my newly nubbinated nail. Haa, try saying that five times fast. ^_~

This was my right hand on March 15th.

This is my right hand on May 28th.

This is my left hand on March 15th.

This is my left hand on May 28th.

    lol, overall...I am less than impressed. My nails are longer, but they are also ridiculously weak and bend way too easily. So even assuming that my growth has been due to the wonders of Barielle, I haven't seen any added strength, and without the strength, the growth is a waste. Because it breaks off anyway. Additionally, this is a crummy base coat. My nails are all stained and yellow. Bleh. And finally, I kind of feel like my nails have grown a perfectly normal amount for two months, so I'm not even sure if the Barielle even did what it said it was gonna do.
    But looking forward, tonight, I plan on trimming down my nails a little, and then I'm starting them on Duri.  And I need to stop being so clumsy. My right hand is the one that I use to do stuff, and it's also the one that's all broke down and busted up due to my own foolishness. lol, it's worse than when I started. The left hand is busted too, but that's not my fault. u_u