Monday, May 10, 2010

OPI Got the Blues for Red

           Happy Mother's Day!! I know, I know...I'm tardy for the party. But I came home from war school yesterday, and then today, I spent time with mi madre, so I wasn't able to post anything until now. Anyway, today (or rather yesterday), I wore OPI Got the Blues for Red, because when my mother used to get manicures regularly, it was the only color she ever wore. On both her hands and feet. The nail technician would be like....oh, maybe you should try this nice pink. Or a french manicure. But my mom would be like no, I want that one. *points to Blues for Red* 

Got the Blues for Red is a deep, wine red creme. 

Natural light, no flash.
Pictures aren't going to be the best today, because I'm still working out where I can get the most light.  

Natural light, no flash.

Indoors, with flash.

     Even though I currently hate my nails (I had to file them down because I broke some during move-out), I do like this color. It's mature without being old lady-ish, and sexy without looking like I tried too hard. The red is robust, and has a hint of brown, which keeps it from being boring or lame. I wouldn't want to wear it every single day of my life *looks at mom* but it is a nice color. 
    The formula was nice as well. The mop brush was hard to control and for the first time in a long time, I had flooded cuticles and a ton of clean up to do. And then cleaning up was slightly miserable, because this polish does stain a little, so I never felt like I had gotten all the pigment off. But the paint itself applied smoothly, was opaque in three coats, and dried in good time. 
    And of course, I have to give a little shout out to my mom, who is probably the funniest person in my life. I thinks she's certifiably insane, but she's a good mom. She is incapable of talking on the phone in a normal tone of voice...she's always shouting. She'll wait until you are trying to read a book or watch one of those intricate, confusing, can't-miss-a-thing-or-you'll-be-lost-forever shows where people whisper everything. She'll come and sit down next to you and SHOUT INTO THE PHONE. And when you try to get up and watch the show in another room, three minutes later, she'll follow you in there. Then, when the bad guy is apprehended and you have NO IDEA what just happened, she'll hang up the phone, nod wisely, and intone, "The wicked man will never prosper." And be completely oblivious to the dagger eyes you're throwing at her. But heaven forbid you even whisper during Avatar the Last Airbender...she gets all mad about how she can't hear and now she missed everything. The characters don't even have to be talking...they can be in the middle of an fight sequence, and she'll still complain. LOL. I love you, mom!