Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Confetti Moonstruck

    This is gonna be a quick post, since I'm supposed to be packing my stuff to leave this place and am wayy behind schedule. I wish I could press a button and fold my room into a little box, like they used to do in the cartoons. But anyway, here's Confetti Moonstruck.

Moonstruck is a pale grey-ish taupe creme.

Sunlight, no flash.

Natural light, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

     I'm going to keep Moonstruck. This type of color has been everywhere since last fall, so it's not unique. But still, I am fond of it. It's very simple, understated, and clean...perfect for when you don't want your nails to take center stage or just need to cleanse the palate. Plus, I like how it looks on my nails.
   I also liked how Moonstruck applied. It was a bit too liquidy, but went on like butter and leveled itself beautifully. Three coats of color and a layer of topcoat gave me a perfect, creme-y look, with very little effort on my part. Ooh, also, the brush in this bottle was indeed doing the gangsta lean, but really, I don't what people are moaning about. I turned the brush to accommodate for the direction of the slant in relation to my nail, and all was well. It was a little inconvenient, but I really don't think it's a big deal. 

And that's all I've got for you today! Thanks for reading, and have a lovely hump day!