Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bring It Back Spam

       Tomorrow is Rescue Beauty Lounge's second Bring it Back vote, which is an opportunity for all polish fanatics to get together and bring back three discontinued RBLs from the dead. I have a few of the contenders in my stash, and decided to make a little post featuring all of them. Hopefully, this will help some folks who are still on the fence about which ones to pick.

First up, we have Scrangie.

Scrangie is hard as hell to photograph, so the picture doesn't do it justice at all. I hate Scrangie for that.  Anyway, It's much prettier in person...the shimmer is stronger than how it looks here.

A closer look at Scrangie's shimmer. 

Next is Recycle.

I love Recycle. It's the perfect forest green creme. 
Although I admit that I'm surprised to see it in the running. I thought it was a core color. Are there no RBL core colors? Honestly, I think that Ji should bring it back regardless of how the vote goes. I feel like Recycle is such an RBL staple, you know? 

Third is Catherine:

Closer look at Catherine's shimmer.

Bottle pic.
    Catherine is pretty, and in the right light, you can get lots of pop from all the colors of shimmer. However, I found it to be rather flat in a multitude of other lighting conditions, which keeps me from loving it completely. 

And then we have Anne:

Closer look at Anne's shimmer. You may have to enlarge this to see, but there's pink stuff in there.

    Anne is gorgeouss....I love the contrast of the pink and gold shimmer against the murkiness of the base, and I like that it always has some depth, no matter what the light is. I went back and forth on buying this, but I will always be grateful that I sucked it up and bought Anne when I did. 

Next we come to Frugalista:

 I'm a sucker for glitterbombs, and Frugalista is a really nice one. The color scheme is elegant and fashionable,    and in sunlight, my nails explode into sparkles.

Lastly, we have Locavore. It's last because it's the best. ^_^

Locavore is the love of my nail polish life. Like, if I could marry a polish, Locavore would be a serious contender. It's so pretty and blingtastic, and the colors in it are amazingg. This gorgeous guy was brutally beaten and ROBBED in the last vote, but hopefully, history shan't repeat itself.  

Ooh, last minute addition. Starfish Patrick is also coming to the party!

This beauty is one of my favorite RBL's. Love it!

And that is it! Personally, I'm hoping to see Anne, Locavore, and Recycle as the winners, although I would also accept 360, Moxie, or Frugalista in Anne or Recycle's place. Locavore  is non-negotiable. 
Do youuu know who you're gonna vote for? O_O