Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earth Week!

       So as many of you know, Earth Day is only in a few days. Lots of people don't care about Earth Day, but I love it, hence Earth Week! Last year, I did a green and blue theme, but with St. Patrick's Day like just happening and the blue theme that I did last week, that was like no. So instead, I'm going to do a week of colors inspired by some of the gorgeous but endangered life forms on our planet.
       To start, I chose to do one of  my most favorite animals in all of life, the snow leopard.

Ahh I love these thingies. God was totally wearing his sexy pants when he cooked them up. They live in the mountains of Asia, and don't like people. Sadly for them though, people are killing them for their gorgeous pelts and their habitats are being taken over by humans, who want to use the land for growing ugly and uninteresting animals like yaks and buffalo. Isn't that stupid? Like how is this:

better than this:

Ugh, look at the yak's eyes. It even looks dumb.
Also, cat breeders? Please start coming up with a cat that resembles a miniature snow leopard. I swear, you'll make like a million dollars. Okay thanks. 
Anyway, here's the nail look I came up with:

I used two coats of Color Club Pretty in Platinum for the base, stamped/drew on the spots with Color Cub Where's the Soiree?, and filled in the spots with Sally Hansen Blue Me Away and a dotting tool (read:bobby pin). 

Sunlight, no flash.

Natural light, no flash.

Sunligh, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

Did it come out rather ooglay? Yeah. :(
Should I have taken more time with it? Yeah. :(
Is it sad that a simple leopard print mani came out so ooglay? Yeah. :(
Does it shame the snow leopard? Hell yeah. :(

But I tried.¯\(°_°)/¯
Thanks for reading, and have a great day! :D