Friday, April 29, 2011

Color Club Magic Attraction + China Glaze Black Mesh

       Today, I'm gonna show you guys Color Club Magic Attraction, from the Glitter Vixen Collection. And all the pictures are in sunlight, without flash.

Magic Attraction is made of small multi-sized and multi-shaped silver and holographic glitter pieces, densely packed into a clear base. 

Blurred for sparkliness.

   Magic Attraction is amazing...definitely one of my favorite Color Clubs. It's ridiculously blingtastic in sunlight, and even sparkles in lower lighting conditions. And the size of the glitter gives it this wonderful refined quality. Like, instead of looking childish (some glitters look childish) it just looks really airy and delicate. Throw in the fact that it only costs like $2 or $3 USD, and you have a polish that you really cannot go wrong with.
   Formula-wise, Magic Attraction was a typical glitter bomb. It went on fairly smoothly and dried fast. I used three coats of color and two layers of topcoat in the pictures, and I'm very satisfied with the coverage and smoothness that I ended up with.

After wearing Magic Attraction alone for a day, I put on some China Glaze Black Mesh. 
I know you guys are like omg again?! but don't worry...I won't be using crackle polish again for a while after this. 

  These pictures do not do this look any justice, and the video I made won't upload right, but trust me...this is awesome. Definitely the best crackle combo I have ever done. I love how the sparkles and holo flashes peek through the cracks. I got lots of compliments on it too. ^_^

And that's all I've got today! Thanks for reading!