Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkins Scream In the Dead of the Night....Sort Of

     Ahhh confession time: I don't celebrate Halloween. Don't look at me like that. We used to celebrate it, until my mom became convinced that Halloween was a devilish holiday, rife with evildoing and witchcraft. My sister and I tried to convince her otherwise, but that was the end of Halloween for my family, because my mom's word is law. I was sad at first, but now I don't care.  My friends will be planning elaborate costumes with bubbles and fireworks and levitating cats and shit, and I'll just stay at home, watching movies and eating candy. Or if I have homework, I'll do that while muching my candies. (No matter what, there must be candies.) That's my Halloween, and it suits me fine.
   But everyone in the nail world seems to love Halloween, which inspired me to try out a spooky mani for myself.  

I was trying to replicate the killer from the Scream movies. I wanted to put a spin on it by making the face orange and the eyes more triangular. Like a screaming pumpkin. But I don't have a good orange polish, so I went with a more faithful adaptation.  
For the base, I used two coats of Pretty in Platinum and for the features, I used Kiss Brush on Nail Paint in Black.
And I have a new-found level of respect for ladies who freehand nail art...just doing these basic ovals was hard as hell.  

Sunlight, no flash.
The index finger's mouth is upside down...and the pinky scream looks...special.

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no light.

This is what I was going for, minus the blood.
 I just realized that I forgot the nose.

   But you wanna know something funny? I went out with this mani on, and a very sweet lady in CVS complimented me on my "cow spot nails". I'm well aware that this mani looks all types of crazy, but cow spots? For real though?! 

Happy Halloween Eve!!