Friday, October 22, 2010

Funky Fingers Gaga Glitter

           Ahhh it's the 22nd, already...where did the time go? October is almost over, and I still have a bunch of pinks I wanted to show you guys! So for today, I am wearing Funky Fingers Gaga Glitter, or Gaga for the purposes of this post. I'm not sure if the polish was inspired by the amazingly talented force of nature known as Lady Gaga. It's probably not. But it made me think of her, so when I saw it in Five Below, I snatched it up. Yeah, I'm a stan. u_u

Gaga is a deep but bright fucshia (with a bit of raspberry) creme base, with holographic and silver square microglitter. It makes me think of Barney, but it's not purple. And please excuse how crazy my hands look...I had to do some serious color correction on this. It still doesn't look quite right, but it's much more accurate.

Sunlight, no flash.

Natural light, no flash. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.
I could not capture any of the holo on the nail, but it's doing pretty well in the bottle.

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash. 

        I like's not worthy to bear LG's name, but it's okay, especially for a $2 polish. The base shade of pink is pretty and interesting to look at, although it may not be that flattering on some skin tones because of how warm it is. The glitter is also cute and fun, although I wish it were...more. I mean, looking at it, you can tell that there's glitter and there are flashes of rainbow from the holo, but they aren't as prominent and sparkly as I would have liked. 
       The formula was a little iffy for me. It had that weird syndrome where it's a little thick and streaky going on. Even right now, I can see little ridges on the edges of my nails, where it just never leveled. But they aren't noticeable to anyone but me, so I guess it's okay. Gaga was opaque in two coats, and dried to a matte and slightly textured finish, which one layer of Poshe quickly remedied. 

   And this is unrelated to this color, but I have a spot of bad (or good, depending on who you ask) news: I have to cut back on posting for a little while, starting this Monday. My camera is pretty much dead and gone, and it's reached a point where it's seriously frustrating trying to take pictures. Like, I felt like screaming when I was trying today. I can't afford a new camera at the moment, but I can't handle yet another source of frustration in my life, so you guys are gonna see a little less of me. I'm sad a little bit, because I like to work on The Phalanges Files and I love interacting with you lovely people, but at the same time, I think it will be a good opportunity for me to concentrate more on other things. Like actually graduating from college. And it will be good for you to not hear my ramblings or see my sausage fingers everyday. 
   I'll still be stalking blogs though, so noo, you aren't rid of me just yet. Ohohohoho. 

Have an awesome night, guys! ^_^

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