Thursday, October 7, 2010

KoFauxnad + New Children!

            I have only a quick post today, because I have a test tomorrow and I am soo not prepared. I've been studying, but I feel like I know nuftin. LOL.  So first, I'm gonna show my NOTD, and then I'm gonna show the goodies that Jesus, USPS, and Fed Ex collectively dropped upon my doorstep today. And then I'm gonna go run, study, and pray a little. 

  So first, the slight ooglayness:

Yesterday, I didn't have time to do a whole color change, so I just did a quick konad + fauxnad (kofauxnad?) job over Emerald Sparkle. First, I stamped on a full nail floral pattern from BM16, using Nubar Conserve. It looked really good at that point, and I should have left it alone, but noo...not I. So I used China Glaze Robotika to stamp more flowers from Konad S9 at the tip.

Sunlight, no flash.
The little girl from S9 also came out to play. And so did a little bow-shaped gem that I go from Rite Aid. I don't remember the company though.

Sunlight, no flash,

Detail on ring finger.
I stamped her on with Color Club Pretty in Platinum. 

     I kind of like how this came out. The background was my favorite part, and the flower tips were my least. It probably would have looked better on some longer nails...on my little ones, it just looks cramped. Or what would have worked better is if I started the flowers closer to the edge. Whatever though. It wasn't really ooglay, so I'm happy. 

   And any unhappiness I may have felt was washed away at the sight of the emails from the package depot. Look what finally came!

Ahhhhhhh!!!! *swoons*
I do have to say that I'm getting a touch of cold feet about's more brown than I expected. I'm just hoping that enough gold comes out to where it doesn't look crazy on me. And Zulu looks like perfection. 
And this is a minor complaint, but sheesh Nars. Tree killers much? They use so much unnecessary packaging...there was like a booklet in each box of polish that had some advertisement about their topcoat and basecoat. And they had the nerve to print that little advertisement in every language known to man (I'm pretty sure they had heiroglyphics and cuneiform too), so the booklet is huge for no reason. And then there was a random square of paper with some quote from Francois Nars about makeup. Okay, whatever, I don't even wear makeup like that, soo....why did I need this? They could have printed it on the box if it was that important. I'm ranting now, but seriously...unnecessary packaging just gets on my nerves. 

And then my swap came in!

Ahhhhhh!!! *swoons again* I had to give up two of my children for this little guy (girl?) but it was worth it!
So pretty! I took these in the dying light of the evening, so it doesn't look all the way right, but in person, it's super spectacular. Love!
And a big shoutout to Steph from Imperfectly Painted for encouraging me to find someone to swap with, because truth be told, I had kind of given up on this one.

What is that noise, you ask?
Ohhoho...tis the death rattle of lemmings. Such a magnificent sound, no? ^_^