Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brucci Swatches Part 2

           Good morning, everybody!! Happily, the weather cooperated with me yesterday and I was able to finish swatching my Brucci polishes. So for today, I have Amelia's Amethyst and Grape Galaxy. Three cheers for alliteration!

Amelia's Amethyst is a rich, deep, purple polish, with lots of violet and blue shimmer.

Sunlight, no flash.

    Amelia's Amethyst is so pretty. It's such a lively and royal purple, and I can imagine it looking good on pretty much any skin tone. It also went on very smoothly, was easily controlled, and is well-pigmented, only needing two coats to achieve full opacity.
   My only complaint about Amelia's Amethyst is that once more, it's not a unique color. As I was admiring it, I couldn't help but feel as if it were a dead-on dupe for China Glaze Let's Groove. So I did a little comparison.

L-R: Let's Groove, Amelia's Amethyst, Let's Groove, Amelia's Amethyst
It turns out that I was wrong, and that they are not exactly the same. Let's Groove is a teeny bit redder and deeper than Amelia's Amethyst. But the shimmer is identical, and even the difference in color is so negligible, that I don't think anyone really needs both. 


Grape Galaxy is a blackened blue-based purple, with a ton of silver shimmer. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Natural light, no flash. 

    I love love love Grape Galaxy! It's like...Explosive Meteor's older, sexier brother, right down the pink and green shimmer that shows in the bottle and not on the nail. I love that Grape Galaxy is a deep purple, but never looks black, and the contrast of the shimmer against the base is lovely. And best of all, I don't own or even think I've seen any colors quite like this. The formula was really nice gave no trouble, and was opaque in three coats. 

     Overall, I still feel kind of meh about Brucci.  Grape Galaxy is a thang of beauty, but it's not enough to overcome my slight disappointment with the other colors I have. But meh is better than blech, I guess. Have a great day, everyone!