Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brucci Swatches Part 1

           With nothing much to do yesterday but sleep and watch the little delinquent who lives down the street get arrested (da-raah-ma!!), I got a chance to swatch a few of my Brucci polishes. The sun went home for the day before I could finish, so there'll be a second part tomorrow, weather willing. But for today, I have Explosive Meteorite, Christian Court, and Donna Mite.

Explosive Meteorite is a dark grey base, with lots of silver shimmer. In the bottle, the shimmer is more multi-colored...there's green and pink along with the silver. But only the silver stuff really makes it to the nail. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Natural light, no flash. 

     Explosive Meteorite is gorgeous, but I definitely do not see why they would call it Explosive Meteor. It is color, true. It has that...cold, devoid of life look that makes one think of deep space. But it doesn't make me think of any kind of exploding meteor. Maybe more of an asteroid or moon rock? I also don't think it's a very unique color, but formula-wise, Explosive Meteor was pretty good. The polish was well pigmented, and was opaque in two coats, although I used three in the pictures. It was a tad runny, but nothing too horrible, and it applied very smoothly. 

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Christian Court is a cool, grey-silver frost, with a small amount of crystalline silver microshimmer. If you enlarge the picture and look at the top of the nail, you can see it more, I think. 

Sunlight, no flash. 
If the picture is enlarged, once more, you can see the shimmer. 

Natural light, no flash. 

     I'm so torn up about Christian Court. On one hand, I love the color. It's delicate, airy, and serene. It also makes me think of moonbeams or satin, both of which I happen to like. I also love the fine shimmer that runs through it and gives it a little bit of sparkle in the sun. But I do not love how it bubbled up on me, both times I tried it. These pictures were from the second application, which was far better than the first. I'm going to keep trying, but if I can't make it work, then I'll have to find another like it. They're definitely not dupes, but OPI Mystic Moonshine would be an acceptable substitute. I wish I had it for a comparison, but its been tied up in the mail for the past two months. Long story. But anyway, the application of Christian Court was okay. It was a little bit watery, but applied easily, and was opaque in three coats. 

♥ ~

Donna Mite is a vibrant, orange-red jelly. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Natural light, no flash. 

    lol, Donna Mite is okay. It's pretty, flattering, bright, cheerful and makes for a great summer pedi. But that said, it's a little plain. The only thing that really sets it apart in my mind is that it's a jelly, and not a creme. If it were a creme, I'd say that there was a dupe for it somewhere out there. Application was on the tough side as was very watery, and took four thick coats to be fully opaque. Putting it on was exactly like putting on liquid gelatin, and letting it harden into Jell-O, so it would probably benefit from a layer of white paint beneath it. 

  Even though I still have two more polishes to go, so far, I don't know how I feel about Brucci as a brand. The formulas all seem to be watery, and while the colors are pretty, they don't seem to be so unique. But at the same time, the price is good, and they did make Black Emerald, so obviously, they have it in them to make special things.
Have you tried Brucci? What do you think of them?