Monday, January 10, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Frugalista + Blog Award!

          Okay, so I've been wearing this color for the past three or four days, waiting on some sunshine and time, but I keep on finding myself coming up short on both. And now I have to change my polish due to chips, so I'm just gonna post the few pictures I have and put up more the next time I wear this. I finally got some new pictures! n_n
Here's Rescue Beauty Lounge Frugalista, from the Spring Bling collection. 

Frugalista is multi-sized (small and smaller) gunmetal silver square glitter, and small fuchsia hex glitter in a clear base. It looks a little more purple in the pictures, I think, but the glitter is indeed fuchsia in person.

Sunlight, no flash.

Natural light, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

      Frugalista is wonderful. I really like the shade of silver, and the fuchsia accents are beautiful and elegant.  In sunlight, the glitter properly sparkles, and in lower light, my nails look gem encrusted. I just love looking at my nails with this polish on...makes me feel like a rich person. LOL. 
     In terms of formula, Frugalista was like many other glitters in clear bases. It went on fairly smoothly, required a minute between coats, and dried fast. I did appreciate that Frugalista seemed a little more dense than my other RBL glitters though. This is three coats of polish, and the coverage is excellent...I can't see through my tips at all. However,  Frugalista is a topcoat layer of topcoat did nothing and even with two layers, my nails are still gritty. 
     I'm not sure I would recommend this polish to anyone but serious glitter hos because it costs an arm and leg. But if you really love silver glitter, Frugalista might be one worth picking up. 

    In other news, I was tagged for the Stylish Blogger Award by Varnish Vixen and Lucy from Lucy's Beauty Obsessions! They both have interesting and beautiful blogs, so if you haven't yet, go check them out!

This is the award:
Classy, huh?

And according to the rules, I have to share seven things about myself. So here we go:

1. I hate fish. I used to eat it all the time, but one day, I was eating a fish stick and I realized that the shit was nasty. Since then, even the scent of fish makes me sick. I imagine the ninth circle of hell to be Red Lobster. 
2. I think feet are cute. Many of my friends are grossed out by feet, but I like them.
3. I'm an ugly girl. I have literally scared myself by looking into the mirror without proper mental preparation. :( 
4. In my heart, I truly believe that chocolate-covered pretzels and Take5 bars are proof that God loves me and wants me to to be happy.  
5. I never grew out of Pokemon. I'm still madly in love with it, and am upset that I never learned the Pokerap. I'm going to try to learn it this year.
6. I am an avid television watcher. I can't deal with shows that run on fuckery (Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, The Real World, etc.)  but a good episode of one of my favorite shows lights up my life. I swear, the apocalypse could be going on, but if there was a good episode of Lie to Me or Bones on TV, I woud be so not concerned.
7. I love babies. Especially the chubby, jolly kind...I just love their appendages. They have these fats arms and thighs, and these dimples in their knees and elbows. And if you kiss their tummies, they laugh. So cute!! ^_^

I also have to pass it on to seven other blogs, and in no particular order, here are my choices:

And that is all I've got for today! Thanks for reading!