Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Revlon Starry Pink

    For today, I have another pink for breast cancer awareness month. This time, it's Revlon Starry Pink from their fall Expressionist Collection.  

Starry Pink is a super pale baby pink jelly base with lots of large and small silver hex glitter.

Sunlight, no flash.

Ottlite, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.

   Starry Pink is really cute, dreamy, and soft. It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to pretend to be a princess in a castle in the sky. Yeah...I've kind of been a loser since birth, but that's okay. The only bad thing about Starry Pink is that it only really looks good at one or two coats. Anything more started looking kind of gross and lumpy, so going forward, I'll just save this one for layering. 
   Formula-wise, it's the same thing. Starry Pink went on fine for the first two coats, but around the third and fourth, it started feeling goopy and draggy on the nail. I waited between coats, but it was still like that...maybe I should have waited longer? Idk. But anyway, the pictures are with four coats of polish and two of topcoat.

And that's all from me today! Thanks for reading, and have a great Tuesday! 

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