Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays!!

            Happy Christmahanakwanzaa guys!! Unfortunately, I don't have any holiday or snow-themed nails (I know, booo I stink) but I do have pictures of snow! We got like fourteen inches, and the wind was going like 60 mph! So crazy. 

The backyard.

And the street! People had to walk in the center of the road, because the sidewalks were so full of snow. 

This is the little path we managed to shovel. 

My little brother tried to free my parent's car from the backyard, and faced a humiliating defeat at the hands of the snow.

But you know what I always think about when a ton of snow falls? 
I think about how no two snowflakes are the same, and about how many snowflakes are necessary to create such a huge mass. It just like...blows my mind. There are so many flakes, and they're all different! It's so crazy! 

And just to keep things relevant, I grabbed a few shots of my current mani, Color Club Magic Attraction. My hands are ashy and gross here. I blame the hard labor, cold weather, and rock salt. 

   And that's all I've got for today! I hope everyone had/is having a great holiday and are gearing up for the new year! I can't believe 2010 is thisclose to being a thing of the past. Where does the time go? x_x