Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation Stuff + Spectraflair Nails!

       Hello guys!! As promised, I have a few pictures from my little vacation, including the mani that I wore most of my time there. That's at the bottom, so if you don't care about the trip, go ahead and scroll down now LOL.

 We were there for like two weeks, the first which was spent at whole first week at Universal Orlando, kind of bouncing between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. Both were entertaining, but for me, it was all about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Seriously, if it wasn't for that, I would have stayed home. Shh, don't tell my mom. 

This is the entrance to Hogsmeade.

And the Hogwarts Express. (Duh right?)

And Hogwarts!!

There were other Harry Potter mainstays around, but I suck so...yeah...didn't get any of those. Sorryyy. I did get some pictures from the little demonstration some Durmstrang guys and Beauxbaton girls made.

Very manly, no?

lol, they were very nicely choreographed.

There was also Pumpkin Juice (which I skipped) and Butterbeer, which I definitely did not skip. Instead, I gorged myself upon its sweet, icy, butterscotchy tastiness. 

And I will probably never drink Butterbeer again. 

So if you ever get the chance, I'd definitely recommend heading over there. It's only a small section of the park, but the rides are good, and one of the only places where you know everyone else is just as much of a dork as you are. I mean...I saw some outlandish things. A grown man squealing like a little girl, a mother disregarding the hungry cries of her children as she searched for the perfect wand at Ollivander's, and a couple fighting over a single cup of butterbeer. I believed the boyfriend's exact words were, "Go get your own". It was heartbreaking but hilarious. And totally understandable. 

But anyway, the next week, we went to Busch Gardens Tampa and it started off as the worst experience ever. It rained rats and frogs, and we spent most of our time huddled under the eaves of some building. But they gave us a voucher to return again (nice folks) and the next time was better! The rides were so much fun, and there were cutey cutey animals (my mom's words) everywhere. 

Like this baby flamingo that I wanted to steal.

And this lazy (or maybe bored) cheetah.

I call it lazy because this picture was taken about 40 minutes after the first one, and literally, this was as much as it moved. 

And a lazy kangaroo. 

Albino kangaroo!!

But moving on to the nails, I wore Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe and China Glaze Go Crazy Red as well, but I spent most of my time with this beauty on my nails:

It's a Spectraflair franken created by one of my favorites, Kris from My Lucid Bubble.

Ahh I want to roll in this stuff. (The polish, not the spectraflair. I feel like that would kill you.) It's so beautiful!!

And that's all from me today! Thanks for reading, and have a great one!