Saturday, August 28, 2010

OPI Merry Midnight

           Happy Saturday, everyone!! I'm a little pressed for time today because I'm packing to go back to school tomorrow, so today's post will hopefully be brief and to the point. I say hopefully because when the power of the rambling spirit compels me, I can't say no. But I'll try. 
           Anyway, I'm currently wearing OPI Merry Midnight from the Holiday Wishes Collection. Truth be told, I was saving it for winter, but I decided to crack open the bottle now that there's enough sun to really enjoy it. 

Okay...let's see...well, there's silver microglitter and color-changing blue glitter. When I turn my hand, it flickers between cobalt blue, turquoise, and violet. Then, there are mid-sized flakies that I think change color too. Most of the time, the flakes look like...orangey-red (lets call it copper), but sometimes, I see bits of yellow and green too. You can see a bit of what I mean on the bottom of the nail. And then all that good stuff is suspended in a deep red-based purple jelly base. Merry Midnight is definitely serious business. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight outdoors, no flash. 

Sunlight indoors, no flash.

Natural light outdoors, no flash.

Natural light indoors, no flash. 

Sunlight outdoors, no flash. 

Bottle shot.
Sunlight indoors, no flash.

      Even though I'm 99.9% sure that whoever came up with this color is/was at the time a crackhead (because like really...who else would make something like this?), I really love Merry Midnight. The base color is absolutely gorgeous, flattering, and perfect for winter. And of course, the flakies and glitter keep the overall look lively and interesting. Also, the application was nice and easy. The brush wasn't too wide or moppy, and the formula itself was fine to work with. I will admit that it's a little thin (pictures are with four coats of color) but it's completely worth the work and the dry time was good. 
       Additionally, I have to give OPI mad props for Merry Midnight. One of the problems I have with the brand is a lack of creativity and freshness. Even though nail polish should be wearable and pretty, I like to have some wonder and whimsy on the side. And while other brands give me both, OPI is almost always so damn blah.
 So I'm really impressed that they actually were able to come up with this concept. And I'm also impressed at the execution, because this could have easily been really ugly. It could have been like when you're working on your nails or makeup or your home or whatever, and you keep on trying to "jazz it up" and "make it your own", but before you know it, you're faced with a monstrosity of epic proportions. I've been there far too every day of my life. And I know you've been there too. I know because I know thangs. n_n 
      But I digress. Bottom line is that it's awesome that they were able to do something so unique and busy while keeping it pretty-looking. So snaps for OPI. *snaps fingers*
    Okay, that's all I've got for today. I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!!