Tuesday, July 6, 2010


            Boo to global warming and to Mother Nature for unleashing this horrible heatwave upon my little corner of the United States. Why is it 92 degrees at 9:38 pm?!  And boo to me too, for neglecting my poor little blog. It's just been so busy around here...there's no time for anything anymore. But since I'm about to remove my current mani (I put it on for the Fourth of July), I thought I'd take a quick picture and share it. But be warned...I've been wearing it for three rough days, and it looks a hot mess by now. 

Indoors with lamplight, no flash.
The base of this mani is Orly Poison Apple, and I painted the tip with Orly Star of Bombay. Then, I fixed one clear star gemstone to each nail. I sealed it all over with one coat of Poshe, and that was it. It looked better right after it was done, and then I tried to refresh it the next day with another layer of Poshe. That one bubbled like mad, so now it just looks gross. 

     ...and that's all I got. I know it's lame as hell, but hopefully, I'll be back on a normal posting schedule soon. I miss painting my nails and writing stuff. Meanwhile, I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool and healthy if it's hot in your neck of the woods. And if it's not, then consider yourself envied. By me. :(