Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maybelline Gray-T Glamour + Fauxnad and a Haul!!

           lol, today was interesting. I arrived at my first ceramics class about fifteen minutes late, and just my luck, she's the kind of teacher who is a stickler for punctuality. So she started hating me a little from the first second she met me. Then, she gave us a long lecture about proper studio behavior and said that we weren't allowed to have long nails. So then I started hating her a little bit too. I'm still gonna grow mine out though...I'll just do it in secret. *shifty eyes* But on the upside, the studio manager was really nice and friendly, and after classes were over for the day, I got to buy myself some nice things. And I wore a mani that I really liked, although someone called it depressing. But it's not. :(

I kept on Maybelline Gray-T Glamour for a base, and used China Glaze OMG to stamp on a floral full nail pattern (the one with the big daisy) from BM16. It was very easy and took about fifteen minutes from start to finish. 

Sunlight, no flash.

Sunlight, no flash.
I'm using my right hand as a model today because I messed up the left hand a little. So please excuse the shredded cuticles and chipped polish. My right hand be going through some thangs. 

Sunlight, no flash. 

Sunlight, no flash.

   I don't think it looks depressing...I like it! I like the grey-on-grey thing. And indoors, it was very subtle and elegant looking. It looked like a couch. And I like things that look like couches, because most couches are soft and nice. But as an aside, I need to find a backup bottle of OMG for konading. I knew I should have bought two bottles when I had the chance. 
  But anyway, after classes were over for the day, I went to CVS and Staples. At CVS, I found the Milani Liquid Metal and Haute Value displays (which I NEVER saw that whole time I was home) and the  These Are Regular Colors, but Just Throw Some Glittah on That Shit and Act Like It's New  Just Add Sparkle display. Here's what I got from each:

Milani Dress Maker (yeah, I had to do it) and Milani Molten Rock. 
These weren't on sale, so I really should not have gotten them, but they were the last ones in their respective displays. So I got them anyway. I'm waiting for a BOGO to go back and get Fashion Design, One of a Kind, and possibly High Fashion from the Haute Value collection. And from the Liquid Metal collection, I still want Metal Gear and Hot Metal. 

Revlon Galaxy (I was so excited to see it) and Revlon Belle. The bottom picture is blurred a little to show to major sparkliness that's going on here.
These were on sale (Buy one, get one half off) and in reality, I only got Belle to get the deal. I may return it anyway, because I already have New York Summer Hollywood Night, and I think they're exactly the same thing. Here's a side by side comparison:

From far away.

And up close.
So tomorrow, Belle will go back. I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to exchange though. Part of me wants to just get my money back, but part of me wants Star. So we'll see. 

And finally, I got some real storage for my babies! I've been keeping them in a cardboard box. Ideally, I'd like a small file cabinet or plastic stacked drawers to keep them in. One that can fit on top of my dresser. I still have a baby stash, so something small should satisfy my needs for a while. I found something that I thought would work in Staples:
It was $29.99.
And I was MAD, because just last week, there was a coupon for this item...50% off! But I was home last week, and our Staples didn't have this particular set of drawers. Man, our stores don't have nothing. :(
But anyway, it didn't work that well. The drawers are wide and deep enough, but there is this weird lip at the front of each drawer, and the lip topples over most nail polishes. Some shorter ones can stand up, like the ones in the third and sixth drawer. But most of them have to lay down. I briefly considered taking it back, but I'm going to hang on to it. Hopefully for Christmas or my birthday, I can find something better. And when I do, this will definitely come in handy for organizing other stuff, like cosmetics, toiletries, and school supplies. Yes, I'd keep them all in the same place. Don't judge moi. 
But anyway, with this drawer, the first three are tried and the last three are untried. And I had plenty of space in my trieds drawers, but I almost ran out in my untrieds. I had to lay some on top of each other, and turn some sideways for everything to fit. O_O
That's bad. ~_~

   Okay, okay, I'm finally finally done. Sorry for the novel, but I have so many thangs to share. ^_^
Ahaha, look at all the different emotions. It's like I'm schizophrenic. Have a great night everyone!