Sunday, August 18, 2013

Don't Mind Me.....Just Gonna Mosey on in Back Here

Oh hai there.
It's mee Chaosbutterfly, back from my exciting and completely unannounced tumble off the face of the Earth. While I'm sorry that I didn't give a proper explanation (or any explanation at all really) before my swan dive, I definitely needed the time away from blogging and nail polish to sort out my life. Life has changed so much in the past year...I got my first post-college job, moved to DC, was forced to leave my polish babies behind in NYC, found a place to live, started financially supporting myself, discovered that one of my roommates was handcrafted by Satan to destroy my spirit and that my apartment was cursed, lost 60 pounds (and counting), discovered how difficult it is to make friends as an adult, got really into makeup again, quit relaxing my hair, and am currently in the midst of my third house-hunt and move in the past year.

It has been absolutely exhausting in every way possible and I haven't had any time or energy or money to devote to nail polish. Actually, I still don't. And with a portion of my job being packing, shipping and logistics, my nails are going to be too shitty to photograph most days anyway. But I miss the therapy of painting them, I miss having beautiful nails that I could be proud of, and I miss the nail blogging community, so I figured I'd take another swing at this.

So I guess I'm back. Definitely sporadically at first, because I am moving and that's never a good time for nails. But hopefully, I can be back to a more regular posting schedule before too long.
I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my beautiful phalanges friends and getting myself up to speed on what has happened in the nail world over the past year!

And just so this isn't a word post, here are some nail polish swatches that I found in the vault today.
These are of Studio M Fast Play, which is a nice little opalescent glittery topcoat.

I don't remember much about this polish; I took these a million years ago, but I do know that I liked it.

Thanks for reading (if anyone still is lol), and have a great weekend!