Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB:2012

Hi guys!
Today's polish is a little bit of a throwback. This is Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB:2012, from Rescue Beauty Lounge's first fan-generated collection, which I believe was released late spring/early summer of last year. 

All pictures are under an Ott-Lite, no flash. 

IKB:2012 is a deep but vivid cobalt blue jelly-creme. It came out pretty bright on camera, but in real life, it's darker. 

This one is a bit more accurate, even though I think it may still be a bit too bright. 

So I have mixed feelings on this one. The color is beautiful and I love the slightly squishy texture in the finish, but I'm a bit disappointed too. I think I was expecting a true International Klein Blue on my nails, and unfortunately, IKB:2012 just lacks a little bit of the punch necessary for it to be on par with its inspiration. 
Add in the fact that it was $20 + $7 shipping, the formula is pretty annoying to work with (stringy, gloopy, non-self leveling etc.) and the wear is not so good (chips after one day) and I find myself quite the sad panda over this one. 

IKB:2012 is no longer available on RBL's website, but if it was, I'm not sure that I would recommend it, just because it is so expensive and isn't reallyyy what it's supposed to be. Pointless Cafe posted a really helpful comparison between other shades, so I would probably say to look into one of those to satisfy your blue creme lemmings. 

I do have an insanely gorgeous eyeshadow (Glamour Doll Eyes Mingles)  that I want to try to mix with clear polish to see if that will give me what I'm looking for, so I will try that and report back. 

And that's about it from me today.
Hope everyone is well, and thanks for reading!