Monday, March 15, 2010

Bus Blues

          Yes...bus blues. I am sitting on a bus that smells oddly like blueberry muffins, purel, and stale air. The bus driver thinks he's Barry White, and the lady sitting near me thinks that we're friends. I think that I just want to be left alone, because I'm tired. So I decided to open my computer and take advantage of the awesome free internet. I remember when internet first entered my home. I was a little kid, and we had to sneak on the internet at night. My mom never let us use it in the day unless for schoolwork, because the phone wouldn't work at the same time. And it made that horrible dialing noise, that if we were sneaking on at night would wake up my mother and get us all in trouble. And now it's on buses. Astounding. 
         But I'm not writing to talk about bus wi-fi, I'm writing to talk about the OPI Suede Collection. While this collection is old news, the polishes are new to me, and I wanted to write a little something something about them. Of course, I did not purchase the entire collection. As I am fond of saying, I am not big balling like that. But I did pick up and try out the suede versions of Ink and Lincoln Park After Dark, and now I have pictures to share!

This is a close look at Ink Suede. It's blurple with a silver shimmer, in a matte finish. Sorry for the dry cuticles. 

And here it is in natural light, no flash. 

Sunlight, no flash.

This is OPI Ink, with one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust on top. This is natural light with a flash, because there was no sun. 

And this is Lincoln Park After Dark Suede. It's an eggplant with silver shimmer, in a matte finish. 

In natural light, no flash.

In sunlight, no flash. This picture is truest to color..idk what I did with those first two pictures. They're really washed out.

      First and foremost, I love these guys. It was kind of hard to put them on at first, because of how fast they dried, but once I got the hang of  applying them, it was much easier. The polishes are richly pigmented, and were perfectly opaque in one coat. In these pictures, I had to use two coats, to get rid of any bald spots or streaks from where I messed up. But if I did a perfect job on the first coat, that would have been enough. In these pictures, in both cases, I have on one coat of Barielle Growth Activator, and two coats of color. No top coat. I didn't have any trouble with crackling or shrinking either. I just made sure to let everything dry before putting on another coat. 
     I'm also a big fan of the texture on these. When they dry, they take on a velvety, smooth texture. I like to just sit here and run my fingers over my nails when I have these on, because the texture is so pleasing. And the way that they look on the nail is great. The silver shimmer give the colors a certain amount of depth and character that I don't see in other matte polishes. 
    But even though I love them both, only one can really be my favorite. That honor goes to Lincoln Park After Dark. Ink is pretty too, but LPAD really sets my heart to pitter pattering. I just feel like it glows in a way that Ink doesn't. And the shade of purple makes it look so rich and luxurious. 
    I definitely see myself rocking these colors really often. I live in a perpetual rush, so to have polishes that look so good but are so quick and easy to apply are a Godsend. Trust, I will surely be taking full advantage. And although these colors are more fitting for fall and winter, I plan on wearing them through spring and summer, with no shame. 

Unless I can get my hands on the matte version of La Paz-itively Hot.