Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Swatches

Hey guys!
So during the move home, my polish collection got all jumbled up and I've been trying to sort it out and figure out what I still own and don't. During the inventory, I realized that even though I've owned my Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics polishes for over a year, I haven't tried them out yet. So I decided to do that.
All pictures are under an Ottlite with no flash, and all have basecoat and topcoat.

First up is Echo.

Echo is a deep, rich teal creme. 

  There's not too much to say about Echo lol. It's kind of a dark teal that leans very green and is pretty and flattering. I think the best thing about Echo really is the formula. This is two coats, and they went on smooth and creamy as butter. The dry time is also amazingly fast even without topcoat, which is nice. 

Next is Radiate.
Radiate is a super bright, reddish-orange jelly. 

Radiate is a little more exciting than Echo. I've been looking for a good, super-bright red for a while, and I think Radiate is as close as I'm going to get, even though it always looks very orangey on me. I also love the squishy-looking jelly finish of it, although application can be rather annoying, due to the fact that it needs kind  of alot of coats. In the pictures, I believe I'm wearing four. Good news is it slides on nicely and also dries fast. Going forward, I will probably put Radiate over a white to make it even brighter and to make application easier.

And last is Rx.
Rx is a bright and saturated azure blue jelly. 

Rx is pretty much a bright blue version of Radiate, except for I didn't find it to be that bright on the nail. That was kind of disappointing for me actually, because I expected it to be retina-searing, and it wasn't. All the same, it's a pretty and flattering color and perfect for the summer. Rx's formula was pretty similar to Radiate's, except for it didn't go on quite as smoothly, especially in the corners. But the opacity is the same...I'm wearing three coats in the pictures, and as you can see, I have a little more VNL than in the Radiate pictures. 

Hopefully, this week, I will be able to show you guys some cool stuff from Born Pretty and to finally finally post that giveaway I have been blabbing about for like ever.
So keep an eye out for that stuff, thanks for reading, and have an awesome Tuesday!!