Monday, April 2, 2012

Who Likes Orange Polish?

  Chi-Chi doesn't like orange polish. I don't, I don't, I doooooooon'tttt. I don't like orange things in general. Except for orange foods, but that's just because I'm greedy and do not discriminate against food. But with the warmer weather we've been having lately, I've been in the mood for it. Orange polish, I mean. So last week, I wore a couple and was pleasantly surprised. Maybe I like orange polish after all lol.

First, I wore Barielle Joytini. 
All pictures are with an Ottlite, no flash. 

Joytini is a bright, but kind of light cantaloupe jelly-creme hybrid. 

    Joytini is a great color for just has that soft, milkiness that goes well with the feeling of the season. I also thought it was very flattering on my skin and loved the shiny, slightly jelly finish. What I didn't like was applying Joytini. The formula was very sheer and needed about four or five coats to be opaque. Of course, my nails got all thick and unattractive because of all the coats, which ruined the softness of the color somewhat. In the future, I'll have to use underwear with it.

And then I wore China Glaze Papaya Punch.
These pictures are in sunlight, with no flash.

Papaya Punch is a bold yellow-orange creme.

   Papaya Punch is a fun one! It's bright and tropical-looking, without being neon, and makes me feel like I should be laying somewhere on the beach. Wearing it, I am reminded of Sunny Delight, which is disgusting to the taste, but quite pleasing to the eyes. And while I liked it on my hands and even got a few compliments on it, but I think I might even like it more on my toes in the summertime. It's just one of those colors, you know? Formula-wise, it was also pretty agreeable. It was kind of thick, so I only needed two coats, and they went on fairly easily. The wear on Papaya Punch was not so good though. I wore it for about three or four days and while there were no chips, every single nail had cracks running through the polish. It was horrific, and I found myself actually wishing for chips so I would have a real excuse to remove it lol. 

But that's all from me today!! Thanks for reading, and have an awesome Monday!