Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Lucciole

Hi guys!
Hope everyone is well and is having a great holiday season so far. Things are still super busy and I'm beyond pooped with everything that I have to do right now, but I'm hanging in there.
Went on a nice vacation to Barbados with my sister and then spent time with my family for Thanksgiving, so that was a great reprieve from the hot mess that is my everyday life at this point. 

But enough bitching about that kind of stuff, on to the polish!
For today, I have Rescue Beauty Lounge Lucciole, from the Fan Collection 2.0. I picked it up during the most recent 50% off sale, but it wasn't included, so I paid $20 for it. 
All pictures are under the ott-lite, no flash.

Lucciole is kind of hard to describe. I guess I'd call it a hazy, very greyed-out purple shimmer base, with small and subtle golden flakes on top. The base is probably the most interesting part, because when you look at the nail, the edges actually look grey and the purple shimmer has an effect of kind of floating on top. 

Lucciole. I mean...well, let's do good things first. Lucciole is very unique...I haven't seen anything like it, and the dusky inspiration is very apparent. The floating shimmer with the darkened edges is beautiful and adds a dreamy, romantic vibe to the polish. 
On the other hand, the golden shimmer is wasted because you can't see it unless you get rightttttt up in there, and then the polish overall just looks dull and lacks impact. I mean, the grey is grey, the purple is grey, and the shimmer is barely there, so you end up with a polish that has no punch to it. While I was applying it, I was actually confused about if I put enough coats or not, because it just never really materialized into the knockout that I was expecting and hoping for.
So it's hard for me to love Lucciole. It's not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but if a wandering gnome strolled by, took this away and left $20 in its place, I wouldn't be mad. 
I might even be happy. 

I changed my mind. I love it; it completely grew on me LMAO. 
I think I just needed to see it in the right light and for a long enough time (at this point, it's been 8 days and actually still looks reasonably good) but I've come to appreciate its subtle beauty. So weird how that happens sometimes. 

Formula was fine. 3 coats for opacity, and they applied smoothly and dried fast. Another good thing is that the wear for Lucciole seems pretty solid. I've been wearing it for three days and with my job, it's a miracle that it looks the way it does. 

And that's all from me today. Not starting on a great note, I know, but I recently made some other purchases that I think I will really like, so I should have some prettier things coming down the pike.

To make things happier, here is a picture of Crane Beach in Barbados. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is having a great day. It's Thursday already! :D